Welcome Visitors

This site contains information, tutorials, and practical examples that help you understand how to use and work with Federated Wiki in the Outlandish Academy.

# Introduction

Welcome. This is the place to begin familiarising yourself with the way you write in Federated Wiki.

We show you what we find interesting in the federation and suggest how you can make yourself at home here.

There are four steps to making a home here once you have your own site. In other systems this would be like filling out your profile page. Do these steps in any order.

On this site we learn to orient ourselves, not just with how to use the software, but also how we work together.

Here we describe how to use the web interface to the federated wiki. Read About Federated Wiki to learn about the project. If you are just starting to write in your first wiki then read the Field Guide to the Federation.

This is the methodology we'll be using for this Happening.

As our end user documentation emerges we can expect there to be many questions. We will collect answers here, organize them and then use this to guide improvements.

# Activity Explore recent activity in the federation over the past few days, by exploring the links below: - Changes to this Site - Research Group Activity - Drop in to our Fedwiki chat - riot.im - Create content with Fedwiki Tools


# Rosters Below we list some rosters that make navigation easier:

Outlandish Sites ROSTER rest.livecode.world/outlandish

Fedwiki Sites ROSTER rest.livecode.world/fedwiki